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Our appliance division has developed many innovative laundry products over the years including the worlds first electronically controlled direct drive washing machine more than 20 years ago, and more recently, the world’s first automatic, top loading clothes dryer. The development of these appliances required a collaborative approach to ensure the best manufacturing technologies and early prototypes.

We believe this early involvement of a machinery supplier is essential to ensure your successful product launch. Let us use our inherent product and machinery knowledge to assist in getting your product to market.

Manufacturing technologies we believe give us the edge include:

  • Extensive experience in the forming of pre-paint steel.
  • Knowledge gained from 20 years of laser welding stainless baskets.
  • Slug-less bowl pierce system used to manufacture baskets.
  • Post assembly boring of baskets to ensure concentricity.
  • We have supplied special purpose motor plants to supply direct drive motors for both Fisher & Paykel and other washer manufacturers.

Our strong experience in building the following laundry plant lines include:
Cabinet lines
Panel lines
Drum & basket lines
Direct drive motor lines.

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