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Drum and Basket Lines

PML has designed and manufactured production lines to manufacture drums, baskets and bowls for the laundry industry, as well as wrappers or cases for the hot water cylinder industry. As with all our machinery, we are highly focussed on supplying the best solution for your company and put a lot of thought into model changing, flexibility and future-proofing your investment.

These lines require the material to be blanked to the correct shape before being rolled up into a cylinder and joined. Then, the ends are processed as required. Holes for washer baskets are usually inserted during the blanking process but PML has developed technology to lance holes after the cylinder has been formed, which has the advantage of eliminating large complex presses and tools at the blanking stage.

These lines always include machinery to lock-seam or weld the longitudinal seam. Where pre-painted material is required, lock-seaming is usually used, whereas mild and stainless steel can either be lock-seamed or welded. Various methods of welding can be used including mash, arc, plasma and laser. Of these methods, laser welding is the most refined and gives a very good visual finish, which does not require post-processing. We have extensive experience in laser welding in this application and are happy to discuss your requirements.

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