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Cabinet Lines

Appliance cabinet construction is usually based on a U-wrapper design. Although integration of this wrapper varies greatly, the wrapper usually requires similar technologies including, notching and piercing, roll forming, toe-folding and U-folding. PML has developed successful recipes for all these technologies over the years.

Other components which may be required to complete a cabinet include base panels, back panels, compressor supports, divider rails, as well as various other brackets and sub-assemblies. Unless these components are being supplied by another vendor, they will also require their own production line or cell, which PML can also supply.

Integration of these components into the cabinet - in the simplest form - requires jigs and fixtures to position them before clinching, riveting or welding. All these operations can be automated. It is important to implement the correct level of automation for your facility and budget, while making sure your design provides enough flexibility to allow future expansion.

PML has built numerous automated, model changing production lines and we are happy to discuss your particular requirements.

Core cabinet line technologies include:

  • Destacking
  • Notching
  • Roll-forming
  • Folding
  • Clinching
  • Welding

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