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Customer Relationships

At PML, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers, by providing top class machinery and outstanding support. We have established a reputation for innovation and excellence, with a strong emphasis on project management, ensuring we exceed customer expectations.

Project management and communications
We believe the key to our success in achieving quality customer relations is great project management with outstanding communication.

  • A dedicated project manager is assigned to each project.
  • PML uses the latest internet technologies to ensure clear communication.
  • We hold design reviews online, and use GoToMeeting with E-drawing software, which allows customers to participate remotely.
  • Daily project activity is visible through our CustomerNet secure website. This is where you can view contracts, schedules, designs and drawings as well as progress photos, video and news.
  • We encourage inclusive design methodology to ensure the best possible results and active, ongoing customer feedback on what does and does not work.

Training and Support
The training and support provided with any new equipment can make the difference between a smooth, trouble-free project and real problems. That is why PML tailors training and support for every project. As part of our project analysis, we identify specific training and support services your project requires, and develop a detailed training and support plan accordingly. Typically, a training and support plan we design and implement will provide:

  • 24-hour technical support (normally on-site for the initial period).
  • Training on-site and at our own location.
  • Training customer’s suppliers, and;
  • Identification and training of local suppliers of proprietary components.

Confidentiality Statement
Confidentiality is pivotal at PML. An ongoing relationship with our customers is highly dependent not only on providing outstanding production solutions, but also protecting their information from third parties.

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